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14 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. I was just a kid when US 301 was the main highway to and from Florida. I have many great memories of those old family vacations traveling up and down 301 such as stopping at Stuckeys stores and all the other fireworks stands that used to line the highway. Those were some fun times and one of these days I will travel your route to see which of my vague childhood memories I can spot.

  2. It was the road my parents in Miami would visit the relatives in Pennsylvania back in the 50s. I’ve driven all of it in Florida, and think about them travelling on it back in the day. I often go to Tampa from Ocala down US 301, ’cause it’s very scenic and relaxing. Not really seen the outside of Florida part, but now I know a bit more about it whenever I do. :)

  3. Just some suggestions: 1. You need a billboard at Exit 97 (Santee) southbound on I-95 encouraging travelers to take the “Florida Scenic Route” or something similar. 2. You should call on the SC Welcome Centers in Dillon and Santee with some US 301 brochures and links to your site so they can recommend the route. 3. Link your site with all the cities on US 301, most of which have a chamber of commerce who probably would be willing to make a link to you, 4. Check your metatags to ensure you are using the right ones to drive traffic on your site. 5. Get businesses on US 301 in SC and GA to link to your site: especially restaurants, tourist attractions, and motels. I made the trip on US 301 in 1976 going to Florida, just a few years before I-95 took the tourists—it was a great adventure. Final suggestion: get people to send in historic postcards and pictures from US 301′s heyday and post them.

  4. Sounds like a fun trip. Traveled part of that route a few years back and it brouhgt back memories of car trips when I was a kid.

  5. I started traveling U.S. 301 with the family back in about 1948, long before the Interstate system existed. I still drive it today when I head north or south on vacation. I was never one to rush when traveling, and the drive on 301 was and still is one of the best parts of the trip. There are still several of the old memories on the route, some of which have been renovated or the names have changed but it all brings back great memories no matter how many times I drive it. Back in the 50s the 301 association use to print small once folded road maps, the early ones were in green and later on they were printed in a reddish-orange. I still have one framed in my work shop. On the front it has the millage between cities and towns and also cumulative miles from beginning to end. When unfolded, on the inside it has the simple map with 301 highlighted in red, (The Tobacco Trail) with a proud statement (The best and safest route north and south.) was on the top header. I would recommend driving 301 and see what the east, south east US is really like. I was never one to take pictures with film but when they came out with the digital cameras, I went crazy. I was able to capture many of the old buildings, bridges and sights before they disappear forever.

  6. Walter, thank you for an excellent post. We have some of those fold out maps you mention in our collection.

  7. I just traveled 301 through South Carolina and it was a pleasant trip. Quite different from the traffic on I-95.

  8. Site brought back a lot of good memories for me. I am planning a trip on 301 soon from NC down to Jacksonville.

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