Who We Are


The US 301 Travel Association was founded to encourage and promote travel on one of America’s most historical highways east of the Mississippi River. During its heyday in the fifties and sixties US 301 was the preferred route for travelers along the Eastern seaboard headed to and from Florida. With the opening of Interstate 95 in the seventies, the highway ceased to function as a major tourist corridor.

However, as with the fabled Route 66 of the western United States, a revival of interest in the old highways of our country has taken place. Many have grown weary of the monotony of interstate highway travel and seek out routes that allow one to sample the flavor and diversity of the communities and cultures that made this country great. There is much to see and experience, but it can’t truly be experienced on the interstate.

US 301 stretches from Glasgow, Delaware to Sarasota, Florida, passing through seven states as it meanders south. While there are many segments of the highway worthy of interest, our route centers on the portion traveling from Santee, SC to Callahan, Florida. This stretch of the highway diverges from Interstate 95 instead of directly paralleling it, providing a true alternative trip back through time for the adventurous traveler eager to experience “life in the not so fast lane”.